SMART workshops in Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania
WP3 - Capacity Building Internal workshops

The Smart project Consortium held on 18th and 19th March in Milan, Italy, graciously hosted by Politecnico di Milano.

19th to 21st November 2023, SMART Training and workshop in Vlore, Albania

March 2023 Round table organized in Albania, "FAN S. NOLI" UNIVERSITY

23 and 24 January 2023
Project Kick-off Meeting in Maribor, Slovenia

26th to 29th September 2023
SMART Training and workshop held in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Focus groups were organized in each partner HEI within WP2

10th to 11th February 2024, SMART Project presented at University of Donja Gorica during International Entrepreneurial Weekend