The first Scientific and Research center for Digital Innovations at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in East Sarajevo


A Scientific and Research Center for Digital Innovation is going to be established at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in East Sarajevo.

The Scientific and Teaching Council of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, by adopting the Elaborate today, has started the process of establishing the Center with a strategic focus on digital agriculture and the use of ICT in environmental protection.

This is the first subject of this kind in the country, which opens up new possibilities for the development of the University in East Sarajevo and its organizational units, as well as economy, public society and public administration bodies.

By the establishing of the center we enter in the higher phase of already started activities in the field of applied digital technologies in agriculture and environmental protection which are carried out by the researchers at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in collaboration with the Faculy of Agriculture and external users – it is said from the the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in East Sarajevo.

From the set of goals of the future Center, it is evident that this is the kind of platform which will contribute to the strengthening of awarness and competences in the field of application of digital technologies, agriculture and environmental protection among students, academic staff and external users.

Through the support of innovation and entrepreneurship, the cooperation of higher education with the economy and the environment will be strengthened. Due to its strategic focus, the center will incentive an interdisciplinary approach to research. There are four key areas in which the Center’s activities will be realized and where, besides educational and science and scientific research, activites to support to innovation and enterpreneurship, as well as promotion and raising awareness of benefits brought by the use of digital technologies in agriculture and environmental protection, will be carried out, it is said in the statement.

After the completion of the establishment procedure at the university bodies, the establishment of the Center body, equipment through SMART Erasmus Plus project and the beginning of work will follow.