“FAN S. NOLI” UNIVERSITY organized SMART Round table with stakeholders


Presentation of the SMART Project and Discussion on the regional SMART specializations were done.

During a meeting where lecturers and representatives of the local government, institutions and businesses of the Korça region were invited as the main collaborators of the University, the vice chancellor for research and science, dr. Benita Stavre asked for their cooperation in this project, noting that its main objective is to increase the university’s capacities to become an active model of innovative regional ecosystems that cooperate with different actors.

The Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Economics, dr. Emil Frashëri and the heads of the Departments of this faculty, prof. neither. dr. Orjola Theodhori, prof. neither. dr. Suela Gërdhe and prof. neither. dr. Anila Mançka detailed concrete forms of cooperation with stakeholders always in the focus of SMART CITIES.

The meeting continued with ideas and concrete cooperation measures for the establishment of the SMART Innovation Center, which remains the “key” to the successful completion of this project.